Bruce Engler

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Introducing one of the most unique new voices in POP, showcased in one of the most modern styles, in the classic tradition of the Singer/Songwriter.  Together they form the music of Bruce Engler.

Bruce weaves his artistry throughout his songs of mature pop, that recall the sophistication of Becker & Fagen in their early Steely Dan pop days, as well as such great modern singer/songwriters like Dave Matthews and Sheryl Crow

Besides having a great voice, Bruce is also an accomplished guitarist.  The music trade publication for Adult Rock Radio, TotallyAdult, even complimented Bruce's guitar virtuosity with tongue firmly planted in cheek, by saying "he was classically trained at the Clapton Conservatory of Music"--a reference to Bruce's style being heavily influenced by guitar great, Eric Clapton.

Bruce has joined musical forces with DownTown Mystic on an album that spotlights his talents as a writer, singer & guitarist.  His guitar playing adds another "voice" and dimension of depth to the songs. Look out for Bruce's album "Go Back".

Bruce has also released a pet project called Perpetual Boy and the cd called "Live At Weeds".

Bruce’s songs have appeared on the TotallyAdult and VirtuallyAlternative cds, withsuch notable and diverse artists as Melissa Etheridge, Train, Korn, Third Eye Blind, Robert Cray, Ben Harper, Perry Farrell, Sixpence None The Richer, G. Love & Special Sauce, Powerman 5000 and The Dust Brothers.


"With his strong sense of melody, vocal harmonies and guitar style, Engler has compiled a body of work that’s truly worthy of radio play"  ...VirtuallyAlternative  

"Engler is much more than a killer guitarist—he’s also an accomplished songwriter with a full voice and a clear sense of melody and song structure"  ...TotallyAdult  

And worth coming back to over and over again...

 Check out Bruce Engler…



 "Live At Weeds"




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